life update icm email style


“what’s going on in your life?” That’s the question we all text each other when we try to catch up (as an aside catching up is weird and awkward). I usually respond kind of flippantly about dead bodies and things of that nature. That’s a big, broad question. I’m also pretty low on philosophical thoughts today, So I thought I might incorporate a poorly punctuated list since listing things is one of my best things.

1. I had to leave a Bible study because for various reasons I was nearly in tears and stressing out. So that’s…normal…? This roughly translates to the fact that I’m still looking for a church.

2. I have the sassiest lab group ever. They’re great.

3. All it does here anymore is rain. So much rain.

4. I ran yesterday. On purpose. With my sister-in-law the triathlete. #thatwentwell

5. Here is what happens a lot in my family: reality television. spoiler alert: I don’t think it’s as real as the name would lead you to believe

6. I didn’t wear chacos AT ALL yesterday. Today my feet hurt. (possibly more related to item 4)

7. I wake up at 6:00 AM right now. Buy stock in five hour energy, y’all.

8. Sam and Caroline came to OKC last Sunday. Deborah is coming this weekend. These are two of the best things ever. #you’renext

9. My anatomy professor spent twenty minutes today talking about World War II and the Marine Corps. #notaboutanatomy

10. My proudest thing all week was creating a pulley system to keep our cadaver’s arm abducted. It’s okay to call me a nerd.

All is more or less well. Cheers to that.




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  1. I’m assuming abducted means something other than TAKEN here, but rather than bother you for a science translation, I’ll use my internet street smarts and take my question to :).

    Physiology . to move or draw away from the axis of the body or limb ( opposed to adduct )

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