what’s saving my life right now


So once upon a time I read this:
and it really stuck with me and I loved it. Once upon last week I acquired a counselor (for free because grad school) because I have smart and helpful friends who do social work and think that’s generally a good idea for most people (i’m looking at you max and becky and jen)
Anyway. This particular lady is all about strategy. What’s your strategy for this and your strategy for that? Which I appreciate, because I’m not always good at making plans, but I get weirdly attached to following them, so they end up being pretty effective. Anyway. One of the strategies she gave me for general life improvement was listing out things I was thankful for, and so I remembered this http://sarahbessey.com/in-which-this-is-saving-my-life-right-now/ (seriously. just read it okay?) and I was like…I’m going to start doing that.

So. Since Tuesdays have always been and will always be my least favorite, I’m going to do this on Tuesdays. Just list the things that are saving me right now. Some of them are deep, most of them aren’t. It’s all good in the hood. So without further ado, here’s a list (because I missssss lissstsss)

1) Derek Webb. Alllll of the Derek Webb. I’m thinking of making “I Don’t Want to Fight” my new personal theme song (and if you participated in DWD yay. if you didn’t… it’s never too late)
2) churches that baptize kids in kiddie pools and absolutely ooze openness.
3) Benadryl. Because mosquitos
4) Kevin Durant made a movie y’all. A *movie*. And you can see hideaway at one point
5) Skyping Robyn. Need I say more?
6) Dance moms #sorrynotsorry
7) Rebecca being conveniently unoccupied 100% of the times that I am bored in the middle of the day
8) Taylor’s pictures from Harry Potter World
9) Anne Lamott and the fact that she made me seriously contemplate dreadlocks. That takes skill as a writer. I disagree with her some, but she makes me think.
10) rain. it turns out rain makes me really, really happy. Go figure.



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